Drama Class FAQs

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  • How do we register for a FREE trial Drama class?

    If you have never enrolled with us, you will need to set up your Kids Up Front online account with your contact details and children’s information.

    Your first registration will only register for a free trial class.

    You will not be charged any money to do this and you need to complete the registration including proceed to checkout ($0) to register.

  • What is the minimum age?

    Our classes are for primary aged children, the minimum age is 5 years old.

    We offer new students a free trial class and with Kindy children (aged 5 and above) it is an opportunity for the teacher to evaluate whether they are ready for the class.

    The dynamics of each class vary depending on the other children’s ages as well. If there are a lot of older children we may recommend waiting.

  • Do you run Drama Classes in Melbourne?

    Sadly, we are no longer running term time drama classes in Melbourne.

    In the meantime, we continue to run Performing Arts Holiday Camps each school holidays.

  • Can I watch the class?

    We ask parents not to watch the class as it can inhibit their child and others. It also causes a distraction especially if multiple parents come and then talk and bring toddlers etc.

    We plan to hold Open Days twice a year for the Junior class when parents are invited to come. With the Intermediate and Seniors we hold our end of year shows in the theatre especially for parents to watch.

  • How do I enrol after our free trial class?

    After your child’s free trial class you can logon to the registration system using your username (email address) and password You can extend the enrolment for the remainder of the term or email the office and we can do it for you.

    Payment options

    • You will be asked to pay for the weeks remaining of term.
    • You can pay by credit card via our online payment system, or by bank transfer.
    • NSW residents - if you wish to use your child's Creative & Active Kids Voucher towards the amount due, please email the voucher details to us.
  • What is my user name?

    Your user name is your email address.

  • Are we committed to continue the classes after the free trial class?

    The Free trial class is to give your child the opportunity to trial the class. There is no commitment to continue if for any reason you choose not to.

  • Can we come on a casual basis when it suits us?

    After the free trial we do require a commitment for the term. Our class size is limited and we need to know who is coming each week so we do not offer casual classes.

  • Do I need to re-enrol each term?

    We automatically re-enrol our students each term and send an invoice which is due to be paid in full in advance of the term. We appreciate the courtesy of an email if your child is not continuing in the class.

  • How much does it cost?

    From February 2024, our weekly one (1) hour Drama Classes are $26 each, paid by the term.

    We offer a small sibling discount of $1 per child per class

    The term cost amount varies depending on the number of weeks in a particular term.

    *Prices are subject to change

  • Which Vouchers do you Accept?

    We can ONLY ACCEPT the NSW Creative & Active Kids Voucher. Please provide voucher details to us before making your payment.

    Unfortunately we are not eligible to accept the Before and After School Care vouchers

    Please note: The Voucher cannot be applied retrospectively, and is not refundable.

  • Do you offer sibling discounts?

    We offer a sibling discount of $1 per student per class.

  • What do the children wear?

    Most children are in their school uniforms as the classes are generally after school. It is advisable for girls to wear shorts under dresses to allow them to feel comfortable in movement activities.

  • Are there any boys?

    Yes, we have boys in our classes.

  • How big are the classes?

    Our class size maximum is generally 16 children. Some of our classes are smaller than this.

  • My child has never done anything like this before. Does this matter?

    We have a range of experience and abilities in the classes and it is not a prerequisite to have any experience.

  • Do you cater for very shy children?

    Yes. Our classes are great for shy children to grow and develop in confidence. We have had many success stories of very shy children who have benefitted greatly from our program.

  • My child is already quite confident. Will they still benefit from the drama class?

    Participating in drama develops many important life skills. Working as part of a team, children are taught to listen to each other, creatively extend other people’s ideas and come up with solutions to problems. Communication skills and creativity as well as confidence building are all part of the experience. Most importantly it is an hour of FUN, which is a healthy thing to do!

  • What if my child doesn’t like it?

    In the very rare event that a child doesn’t enjoy the program and does not want to participate we will refund the fees. We are very confident that your child will enjoy their time with us!

  • What is your policy on bad behaviour?

    We expect a high standard of behaviour in the drama class. We discuss in class how drama is a team sport. If any child is continually disruptive they will be given a warning and after three warnings will be asked to sit out of the activity. If the behaviour continues they will be asked to leave. We care that the drama class is a safe and happy place for all of our students and we are not interested in having anyone spoil this.

  • What happens if I am late to pick up my child?

    We understand that there are times when traffic is bad or there are delays however our teachers also have commitments and it is not fair to keep them waiting. The teacher has the right to charge $1 per minute after the class if you keep them waiting. We will not leave the child on their own. If a school after-school facility is nearby the teacher may escort the child there.


    Kids Up Front Drama Academy continues to follow the advice from State and Federal Health Departments regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. The health, welfare and wellbeing of our students, staff and families will always be our priority.

    Our teachers will not attend if they are unwell, and we ask that your child also not attend if unwell. All of our staff are fully vaccinated against COVID.

    We provide Hand Sanitiser and ask all children to sanitise at the start of their class.

    Kids Up Front will be cleaning before, after and in between every class with disinfectant wipes all high touch surfaces such as door handles.

    Social distancing practices are in place during the classes, and parents/carers are not permitted in the building.

  • Can I enrol online with an iPad or iPhone?

    Our booking website should work on iPads and iPhones, but occasionally duplicate bookings are created (though only single payments are taken).