What Kids Say

Video feedback from our kids

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  • I love all the games and learning for concerts. It has been really fun! Chloe Girardin Year 3 – Neutral Bay
  • I think that Kids Up Front helped me and other kids gain confidence and see things from a new perspective. It also taught me to invent original characters. I have been doing Kids Up Front for 4 years. Alexandra Dent Year 6 – Neutral Bay
  • I’m in year 5, I started drama last year but came to this drama class at Neutral Bay this year. It is so much fun! Amelie Year 5 – Neutral Bay
  • Its been such an honour to be here at drama this day. I’m really excited for next year. What’s going to be on? Miyako Year 3 – Neutral Bay
  • Drama makes you feel like you have a second family, I love it. Sammy Harworth Year 4 – CPS
  • I have been in drama for two years now and I have loved every minute. Drama is a great way to be yourself and show the real you. Drama has made me more confident and makes me happy to be a part of it. Paige Leslie Year 5 – Jasper Road
  • Even though this is my first time at Kids Up Front, I feel that I can be myself and put on a stunt. That’s why I love Kids Up Front! Zoe Year 4 – Jasper Road
  • Drama has made everyone call me a Drama Queen. I love drama more than anything else! Jayami Year 4 – Jasper Road
  • Drama has helped me get more confident in performing on a stage. Because I have always been shy I think drama is great and everyone should do it. Charlet Vine Year 4 – Jasper Road
  • I love drama because you get to be creative and be yourself and that’s what matters! Scarlett Mellor Year 4 – Neutral Bay
  • I love Drama. Its so fun and you enjoy yourself so much! Amelie Year 5 – Neutral Bay
  • I love drama because I want to be an actor when I grow up. Vivek Yaresh Sirkori Lindfield
  • Walking into a drama class is like walking into a completely different place. It’s a place where you don’t ever have to be embarrassed about yourself or your actions. And best of all there’s no limit to the craziness! Mia Year 6 – Artarmon
  • I love drama because it is a way to express who you are and have a passion for what you are doing. Alyssa Year 5 – Jasper Road
  • We express our drama skills creating new levels complete with our emotions and expressions with our friends and lovely drama teachers. Lucia Davies Year 5 – Summer Hill
  • This is my second year at Kids Up Front. I think it was the best activity I’ve been involved in! I love KUF! Claire Foote Year 5 – Summer Hill
  • I have been doing drama at Kids Up Front for 3 years now and I have loved every minute of it. It is all about being creative and experimenting with different perspectives. It is great fun and I hope to do drama for many more years. Jemma Veneran Year 3 – Strathfield North
  • I have been doing Kids Up Front drama for 3 years. I love it because it’s really fun and there are so many great opportunities. Our teachers are really helpful and encouraging. Nina Year 3 – Strathfield North
  • My mum said to me “would you like to go to drama?” My family wants me to be confident. I came here to have fun and be confident. Alexi Chiotellis Year 3 – North Strathfield
  • Thank you so much for your help. I really love Drama because it is SO fun and you can make friends easily. I have improved because I now know that Drama is THE BEST!!! Amy Partington Year 3 – North Strathfield
  • The creativity, costumes, especially acting… Drama is probably the best thing you would ever experience. Thank you so much KIDS UP FRONT Alex Pirecca Year 4 – North Strathfield
  • I love drama because it gives me confidence and a chance to test my ideas. I also love drama because it teaches me skills that I would need later in life. Kate Zhong Year 5 – Strathfield North
  • Drama is fun because acting is my passion and it has helped me a lot to develop my skills and live my dream! Guy Davies Year 4 – Petersham
  • I go to Kegworth but I do drama at Petersham and the kids are really nice. Erica is not mean just a little strict despite what people may say sometimes. It is really fun at drama. Gina Year 3 – Petersham
  • Drama is AWESOME, it is a great opportunity for kids. I think it has helped me become better and drama (duh) I am so doing it next year! Lucia Davies Year 4 – Willoughby
  • I started Kids Up Front dram when I was in year 1, and I’ve been doing it ever since. I love it, and I think it helps a lot with all drama skills. Everyone should do Kids Up Front Drama! It is SUPER FUN!!! Drama is a great opportunity to show and work on your skills and fix them for the end-of-year performance. I LOVE DRAMA. Mia Year 4 – Willoughby
  • I love drama because it makes me inspired about life. Matilda Darbarich Year 3 – Willoughby
  • Drama is a fun experience for all. Drama has given me confidence. I used to be a quiet and shy person who found it hard to make friends. Now I am a reasonably outgoing person who finds it easy to make friends. This amazing transformation happened just because of two years at drama. I liked drama because for one afternoon a week I can completely change my personality. I can be transformed from a not particularly academically brilliant child to an overly confident smart teen, from a not very sporty kid to an extremely athletic person. This is why I believe Kids Up Front Drama Academy is the BEST!!!! Sasha Dance Year 6 – Willoughby
  • Drama is great fun and my favourite game is zombie. It has a lot of jokes. Beatrix Fattorini Year 2 – Petersham
  • I love Kids Up Front because it makes my confidence stronger and it is just fun! Emily Latham Year 2 – Boronia Park
  • I love learning new plays & scripts. I love all my friends and playing games with them. Jade Dunleavy Year 3 – Boronia Park
  • I love drama so I can play and do acting there and also play with my friends there. Victoria Masuda Year 4 – Pymble
  • Drama is a team sport, you all need to try hard. I love drama for so many reasons but my favourite reason is you get to make friends. Drama groups are like forever together families. Tahlia West Year 5 – Mosman
  • I have been attending Kids Up Front for 7 years. I have seen many amazing performances, performers and teachers. I’ve met some awesome people, some of who are very close friends. I always love attending the classes and shows at the end of the year. It is a place to be as dramatic as you possibly can. Drama is one of my passions and having Kids Up Front teaching me new ways of drama is a privilege. Zoe Clifford Sellam Year 7 – Mosman
  • For the past 5 years I have been attending Kids Up Front’s drama program. 5 years ago I was unable to talk to people. I was a shy young girl with no confidence in my social life or confidence in my school work. Throughout these 5 years I have begun to realise that my confidence has grown dramatically. I now have a large group of friends including friends from the academy. Drama helps with confidence, it makes us realise the person we are and how we don’t have to feel shy. It makes us feel accepted. Drama has also helped me perform better academically, showing me that nothing is impossible. This year is my last year of drama. I would like to thank the wonderful staff, lovely people I have met and especially thank you to Gay for all the amazing years! Phoebe Crammond Year 9 – Mosman
  • I have been attending Kids Up Front for 5 years. I have met and made MANY lovely friends, including teachers. Kids Up Front should be something everyone does, shy, awkward, proud just everyone because it helps a lot in confidence and friendship. I’m very sad to be leaving but I have learnt some good things. Special thanks to Gay – the best drama teacher I have ever had! Adelaide Allen Year 9 – Mosman
  • Drama is awesome because its drama!! There is nowhere else you can have so much fun, receiving another family who pretend you’re normal when you’re really not. I have become a more confident and crazy person through drama and it’s all thanks to Kids Up Front, Gay & Karin. Taneka Parker Year 8 – Mosman
  • I believe drama is good. I think when you act you become a totally different person. You show your true colours! Being through this experience makes me a stronger person. Lilou de Brunel Year 6 – Mosman