Holiday Camp Testimonials

  • How glad we are that we found your drama camps. Our 9 year old daughter was struggling to settle into her new school and had lost her 'zing' as a result... After sending Keira to one of your camps she really regained her confidence. She also had a really great time and made a lovely new friend. She returned to school with a stronger sense of self and as a result finally settled at her new school. Thank you to your wonderful staff who are always caring and enthusiastic in their approach to the kids! Priscilla McCorriston Dulwich Hill
  • My children, are having "the best time of their life" as they have told me each day. On the first day they were reluctant to go. A bit apprehensive I guess - the fear of the unknown. Now they can't get out of the door fast enough - they absolutely love it 🙂It has been such a confidence booster and has taught them that even if you're a little nervous about trying something new, you should try it because you may just love it. Margie Harmey
  • My daughter is doing the camp for the first time (Lola Lunaro) and she came home last night saying she had "epic fun"! She loves it ... thank you. Looking forward to Friday's performance. Laura
  • A big thank you to you and your team. Both girls really enjoyed themselves, I'm almost certain I am going to face disappointment from Mimi tomorrow as she remembers the camp is over. The show was fabulous - I don't know how they do it in one week, and everyone getting a part and being special.Just wonderful! Sarah Gullotta
  • One day last week he and his cousins decided to put on a show, but were having a few disagreements about how they should do it. I overheard him saying to them "When I was at Kids Up front doing the show, we all had to work together as a team and we made a fantastic show, and if we all work together as a team now we can make it even fantastic-er." It seemed to work, they cooperated a bit better and produced something pretty coherent! Helen Dakin
  • My children, Thomas and Samantha Onions left Kids up Front 3 years ago because we relocated. I just wanted to let you know they still talk frequently about their experiences with such passion and joy. Your holiday camps were fantastic and we were scheduling our holidays around the camp dates. Great to see 'Kids Up Front' is still growing and thank you for helping my children grow into strong, confident individuals. Sharon Onions
  • Gali can`t wait for another Kids up Front camp! Its become the one thing she is looking forward every school holiday, and she done it for the last 3 years...!She loves the show, the team, the kids... So I just wanted to say well done and thank you for bringing such a great experience to our kids. Inbal
  • I was utterly blown away by the production of Robin Hood. I've loved all your productions but somehow this raised the bar even higher. I may have even cried in the Coldplay song. Your staff are exceptional and talented but most of all, kind. Libby Millington Craft It Up
  • My children took part in the holiday camp at Pymble Public School this recent holidays and absolutely loved it! Jane was brilliant with the children and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and didn't want it to end. I was very impressed with what the fantastic group of teachers put together in just one week -- not only did they work with the children to develop characters, songs and dances for the show, but they also had them creating the set! My children are already looking forward to returning next holidays. Louise Pymble