Zoom Holiday Program FAQs

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  • Where can we participate from?

    From anywhere! Just be aware that the classes are run from Sydney or Melbourne, so the times shown are Australian Eastern Standard Time

  • What equipment do I need to participate?

    • You need a device like a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone

    • We need to be able to see and hear you, and you need to be able to see and hear the teacher and the other kids

    • The larger the screen, the better!

    • Set up Zoom on your device, and make sure your sound and video are working

  • What software do you use?

    We use Zoom. Before your workshop/class, we will email out a link and a password to you.

    Want to see if you can use it now? Try it!

    1. Go to Zoom’s website: https://zoom.us/

    2. Click “Host a Meeting” (no one else will be there unless you invite them – this is just a meeting with you by yourself!)

    3. Select “with Video on”

    4. Click “Open Zoom”

    5. You should be able to see and hear just yourself. For group classes you will be able to see the teacher and other students who are participating – select the “Gallery View” option (top right of the screen) to enable you to see all participants at the same time, or the “Speaker View” to have the teacher’s (or the person speaking) video larger.

    6. Make sure the name showing is your child’s name, to help the teacher identify them. You can change the name when you join the meeting (or beforehand if you have an account)

  • Is my child safe online?

    We take every step possible to ensure all children can participate in our online classes safely. This includes:

    • Teachers take the roll at the beginning of class - if there is anyone attending whose name is not on the class list, they are then removed.

    • All classes are password protected, and each have specific links. We ask all students to use their name in Zoom.

    • Our teachers must abide by our Child Safe Policy, just as they do in person. All staff have a Working With Children Check and undergo training prior to taking their first class.

  • Can I use a NSW Creative Kids Voucher?

    If the workshop you wish to enrol your child in costs at least $100, you may use your Creative Kids Voucher towards the cost.

    When you book online, there is a place to enter the voucher details BEFORE you make payment.

    (We are not eligible to accept the Active Kids Voucher)

  • Anything else I should know?

    Kids Up Front’s Online Class Rules

    • Keep your camera ON throughout the whole class

    • Only enrolled students can participate

    • Ensure your camera positioning is appropriate and not invasive to your privacy or others

    • Parents are responsible for providing a safe environment for the dancer to participate in during the class. As Kids Up Front is unable to control your home environment, we can therefore take no responsibility for damage or injury

    • Behaviour that violates Kids Up Front’s values will result in termination of the live stream for the individual student