Meet the Team

Bonnie CowanDrama Teacher

Bonnie Cowan

Bonnie is a Sydney-based performance artist, facilitator and curator. With an intense fascination for human connection, Bonnie is a concept-centric, process-driven creative.

Since graduating from the University of Wollongong’s theatre course in 2015, Bonnie has created various solo performances and performative installations such as ‘Lacquer Chatter’ (PACT 2019) ‘affect me’ (Bearded Tit, Crack Theatre Festival, Shopfront, PACT, 2017-18), ‘Do Something That Feels Good In Your Body’ (Scratch Art Space and PACT, 2017) ‘unspoken’ (107 Projects, 2016) and ‘unravelling’ (You Are Here, 2016).

Most recently, she curated ‘[dis]connection’ a one-day festival of performance art at Scratch Art Space for this year’s Inner West Creative trail. In 2018, Bonnie co-curated PACT’s ‘artifice x interface’ Salon with Alex Stevenson. Some of her earlier collaborative performance credits include ‘Aeon’ (Liveworks 2017) ‘iDNA’ with the PACT Collective (2016), and ‘Marina Abramović: In Residence’, (Kaldor Public Art Projects, 2015).