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Niamh KeeleyDrama Teacher

Niamh Keeley

Niamh first joined Kids Up Front in 2013 as a student and fell further in love with performing, she played roles such as Princess Jasmine in Aladdin and Robbin Hood in Robbin Hood and many other parts during her time as a blue group member. At age 13 Niamh became a Junior Leader at Kids Up Front volunteering at the holiday camps assisting the main leaders. Since turning 18 she is now a fully-fledged drama teacher at Kids Up Front.

Niamh has been dancing since she was 4 years old partaking in styles of ballet, jazz, tap and more. She has also taken singing, acting, and musical theatre classes throughout her high school years. She was a part of two of her high school musical productions; West Side Story (2017) and Les Misérables (2019) and tries to watch any musical production she can get a ticket to.

Niamh is currently studying for a double degree in Psychology and Commerce at Macquarie University and loves teaching at Kids Up Front during her university holidays